Do more, achieve more, and be happier... it's time for you to THRIVE.

Welcome to Time to Thrive by me, Carin Kilby Clark. I’m a writer, coach, digital marketer, persuasion strategist, mom of three, grandma of one (I know, it’s truly unbelievable!😆), Northern Virginia native, and coffee addict.

Although, my esthetician recently told me that my daily coffee habit is giving me “coffee eyes” - yes, it’s apparently a thing - dark circles around the eyes that are unique to regular coffee drinkers, and so I’ve cut it back to two days a week.

There went the brightest spot in my day. Lol ugh😏

As a coach, I help entrepreneurial women redefine what it means to be a CEO. I also own a digital marketing agency, Mixed Media Pros. I still work full-time - ten-hour days M-Th and I’m off every Friday (🥳).

I’m also a super committed lifetime learner with three degrees - an MBA, MSPM, and BBA - and I have several Industry Certifications for coaching, content marketing, online/digital marketing, and persuasion strategy.

Since that’s nowhere near enough, I’m also studying right now (as of May 2021) to apply for my ICF-ACC Credential because I’m a little bit obsessed with being legit.

I promise you that my thirst for knowledge doesn’t mean that I lack in fun though.🙃 I’m the cool mom (my 18-year-old daughter disagrees… boo). I’m also the friend that gets along with everyone in the group…

…you know the one that when two members of the crew start arguing they take it to the chill one to decide who’s actually right only to get a response that goes something like “I can see both sides” and thus end their argument with each other as they agree on how annoying it is that ms. the middle road never takes a side? Yea, that’s me.😇

Why this? Why now?

I’m starting this newsletter because, at my heart, I’m a writer. A creator. And I miss it.

I dove head-first into a professional blog in the earlier days of my online business journey and I haven’t written much in the last few. So this is newsletter is my triumphant return to writing regularly. Feels a lot like I’m coming home.🥰

Sign up now so you don’t miss the first issue! And, I’d be honored to have to join me as a paid subscriber to get even more access to the resources I’ll be sharing to help you do more, achieve more, and be happier.✨🤎🙌🏽

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